European Cocoanet.EU Conference in Elewijt (close to Mechelen), Belgium

The Cocoanet.EU conference of employee representatives, in the Elewijt Center close to Mechelen in Belgium on May 24th 2011

After the first conference launching the project last year in the BZO in Germany, over 70 employee representatives from more than 10 European countries came together for the final conference of the cocoanet.EU network and demanded a ban on child labour and at the same time decent living in a sustainable environment - now and in the future - for all people working in the cocoa chain. [Pictures]

Reports of working groups:

  1. Sustainability from the cocoa bean to the plant
  2. Common issues for EU chocolate workers / precarious employment
  3. Engage with employers on sustainability issues (both in the EU & in the cocoa producing countries)
  4. Labels and certificates: How to respond to to companies
  5. How to build a coalition campaign to promote and to
    secure child labour-free cocoa

Further material

Presentation held at the conference in Elewijt

  1. Michael Bergstreser: Work of the Steering group Cocoanet.EU
  2. EFFAT:Questionnaire 2010-11 on the social conditiones of the EU Cocoa industry. First results of the survey
  1. People in the Cocoanet.EU: List of participants
  2. People in the Cocoanet.EU: Pictures
  3. Trade Union Definition of Sustainability [EN] [DE]
  4. Sustainability in the Cocoa Chain: A Guide for Trade Union Activities 
    (in NL, DE, FR and EN)
  5. Article on conference. Trade union GEW, Germany