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Designed as a networking project, it has the aim to develop concepts, basic ideas and references of good practice around a sustainable cocoa economy both in the European and global context.

More specifically, the prior aim of COCOANET.EU is to develop a network for the exchange of information among employee representatives and organizations within the European cocoa and chocolate industry.

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European Chocolate and Confectionery Workers Seminar

12 June 2017 – World Day Against Child Labour

Over 2 million children work in the cocoa industry in West Africa.

In 2001 the largest chocolate companies agreed to end Child Labour in the cocoa industry. The deadline to meet this target has nonetheless been postponed to 2020. Chocolate companies must act now: there are only 30 months and 18 days left!

12 juni 2017 – Internationale Dag tegen Kinderarbeid

Meer dan 2 miljoen kinderen werken in de cacaoteelt in West-Afrika.

In 2001 beloofden de grote chocoladebedrijven om kinderarbeid te bannen uit de cacao-industrie. De deadline om dit doel te bereiken is echter uitgesteld tot 2020. De chocoladebedrijven moeten NU handelen – nog maar 30 maanden en 18 dagen te gaan!

Le 12 juin 2017 – Journée Internationale contre le Travail des Enfants

Plus de 2 millions d’enfants travaillent dans la culture du cacao en Afrique occidentale.

En 2001, les grandes entreprises chocolatières ont promis de bannir le travail des enfants de l’industrie du cacao. La date butoir pour atteindre cet objectif a cependant été reportée jusqu’en 2020. Il faut que les chocolateries agissent MAINTENANT – il ne nous reste que 30 mois et 18 jours!

12. Juni 2017 – Internationaler Tag gegen Kinderarbeit

Über 2 Millionen Kinder arbeiten derzeit in Westafrika im Kakaoanbau.

Im Jahr 2001 haben sich alle großen Schoko-Unternehmen auf die Abschaffung der Kinderarbeit im Kakaoanbau geeinigt. Die Frist dafür läuft nach Verlängerungen 2020 endgültig aus. Die Unternehmen müssen jetzt handeln – es sind nur mehr 30 Monate und 18 Tage!

2017 03 30 Steering Group in Vilnius

2014 10 14-15 Cocoanet Steering Committee / Paris

World Food Day 2014



Family farming is the theme of the World Food Day 2014.  In cocoa farming most cultivation is done by small scale farmers and their families. In celebrating World Food Day 2014 the EFFAT Cocoa Steering Committee and its member unions want to express their solidarity and support for cocoa farmers and their families. In our efforts to promote a decent living for all workers in the cocoa supply chain, this day our thoughts are with the cocoa families, often living in poverty and lacking basis needs for a decent living. Let’s work to change that for the better.



Cocoa Steering Committee, Paris October 2014.






9.-13.6.2014 Second World Cocoa Conference


More than 800 interested people – farmers and consumers, bankers and NGOs, politicians and trade unionists – attended the second World Cocoa Conference taking place in Amsterdam from June 9 - June 13.


Trade Unions and NGOs met on Pentecost in a Pre-Conference in order to discuss how to focus not only on economic but also on environmental and –first of all- social issues.


Sustainability was in the center of all dicussions:


·        How to make cocoa interesting for the next generation of farmers?


·        How to enable a decent life and fair prices for the farmers?


·        How to avoid a deficit in the production of this commodity?


·        How to abolish child labour in the cocoa sector?


It was one positive conclusion of the conference that all stakeholders came together in order to work on these questions and problems. But solutions are still far away.


2014 05 13 German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa GISCO

Constitution of the Sustainable Cocoa Forum Association

Agenda: GISCO Annual General Meeting 2014


Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development: “GISCO wants to help to enable a decent life in dignity”


Christian Schmidt, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture: “GISCO is a model for other sectors like coffee or cotton”

Michael Bergstreser, NGG:

"One step forward for the trade unions"


(all fotos: Ulrike Delfs)

more information: www.kakaoforum.de



2014 05 12 AUSTRIA: Certificate Check - Factsheet


2014 03 24 Belgium: ABVV - FGTB HORVAL MEETING


On the 24th of march, shop stewards from Mondelez, Godiva, Leonidas and Neuhaus came together to discuss the importance of international solidarity in the cocoa-chain.



Op 24 maart kwamen militanten van Mondelez, Godiva, Leonidas en Neuhaus samen om de internationale solidariteit in de cacao-keten te bespreken.



Le 24 mars, les militants de Mondelez, Godiva, Leonidas et Neuhaus se sont réunis pour discuter de la solidarité internationale dans la chaîne de cacao.



Am 24. März kamen Gewerkschaftsvertreter von Mondelez, Godiva, Leonidas und Neuhaus zusammen, um die Bedeutung der internationalen Solidarität in der Kakaokette zu diskutieren.



El 24 de marzo, los militantes de Mondelez, Godiva, Leonidas y Neuhaus se reunieron para discutir la solidaridad internacional en la cadena de cacao.




Amsterdam, February 2014: New Projects for the Steering Committee

The members of the Steering Committee are from Belgium, Netherlands, Germny, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Austria and Geneva.

The group members are trade union delegates from ACV / CSC, ABVV / FGTB, fnv, NGG, FGA CFDT, UNITE, LPMS, ProGe and IUL

The group discussed and confirmed its participation in the World Cocoa Conference in June in Amsterdam and active co-operation in pre-meetings

2013 12 16: News from Austria - Make Chocolate Fair!

see http://at.makechocolatefair.org/ 

2013 12 14 News from Germany (see Networking / Germany)

2013 12 14 News from Austria (see Networking / Austria)

News about the Collective Agreement....

III.Global Conference on Child Labour

Cocoanet.EU: European employee and trade union network demands ban of child labour - Conference in Elewijt, Belgium

The Cocoanet.EU conference of employee representatives took place in the Elewijt Center close to Mechelen in Belgium on May 24th 2011.

Over 70 employee representatives from more than 10 European countries came together for the third conference of the cocoanet.EU network and demanded a ban on child labour and decent living in a sustainable environment - now and in the future - for all people working in the cocoa chain. [MORE]

Conference Agenda (EN)
Ordre Du Jour (FR)
Tagesordnung Konferenz (DE)

[Conference pictures]

2nd Workshop of the Cocoanet.EU in Vienna - February 28 & March 1 2011

The Cocoanet.EU Steering Committee met for a two-day workshop in Vienna, Austria on February 28th and March 1rst 2011. Hosted by the Austrian trade union Pro-Ge, participants from Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, the UK, the IUF and EFFAT came together to discuss different methods to sensitize employees on cocoa-related sustainability issues, the work of the IUF and further steps of the project. On the first day, the participants visited the Austrian chocolate factory of Manner in Vienna. [More]